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When a person dies in a private residence, or a nursing home, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will usually be signed by the family doctor (providing that he/she has attended the patient during the preceding three months). If death occurs in a public or private hospital theattending doctor will usually sign the certificate. Once death has been confirmed, the family, or nursing staff on behalf of the family, is then able to contact Phillip Stephens Funerals to transfer the deceased into our care.

“From your very first contact with us only an hour after Mum passed away, you gently lead us through the process, all the while keeping the feelings and wishes of all members of the family to the fore…”

Arranging The Funeral

An important part of our role at Phillip Stephens Funerals is to assist with the practical aspects of the funeral service.

The venue is an important choice when arranging the funeral of your loved one, and faith, adequate seating, atmosphere, and convenience of location are amongst the points to be considered. At Phillip Stephens Funerals we are able to assist in helping you choose what is most suitable for your needs, and below are listed just a few of the many locations that we can provide.


The Church to which your family are affiliated.
Our Chapel
Wellington Chapel, Cornelian Bay
Bahii Centre of Learning
C3 Centre, South Hobart
City Light Centre, Kingston
Your private garden, a park or natural setting of your choice
A Graveside Service
Lindisfarne Rowing Club
Bushland Burial Service at Kingston

Refreshments can be provided at any venue.


Cornelian Bay Cemetery
Hobart Regional Cemetery, Kingston, also the location for Bush land Burials
East Risdon Cemetery
Cambridge Cemetery
Other country Cemeteries, please ask.

Professional, Caring Funeral home

“At a time when my mind went on hold and refused to think properly, I had no need to worry at all. Your professionalism ensured that all necessary arrangements were made which culminated in my mother’s beautiful, dignified funeral – …exactly as she would have wished.”