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“On behalf of my family I want to thank you for the wonderful and caring way you were there for us for Dad’s funeral. Not only on the day, but from the time we contacted you and afterwards. It was if you were part of the family. The service was truly a celebration of a life well lived, rather than a sad farewell to our loved father, husband and grandfather.”

Female Care

We have come to realize that there is a very special place in the funeral industry for women, for they can give a warm embrace, and add a quality of warmth and compassion to the funeral service, when a sensitive, feminine touch is needed. This is especially felt when dealing with the death of a baby, or child. A female funeral director, can provide a soft, gentle approach, and it is important to be able to offer to families a female consultant, if that is what a family would feel more comfortable with. At Phillip Stephens Funerals, we are able to provide you with full female mortuary care. Please do not hesitate to ask for a female approach to your enquiries.

Whether you are pre-planning a funeral, or require immediate service provision, you can have the choice of female assistance.

After Care

Time teaches us that when each season comes to an end it only changes the colours of the world around us, it doesn’t change the beauty that lives on in our imagination, Nor does the passing of someone from our lives change the love we had for them, It only finds a new way to live on with the beauty of our memories.

 We understand that the days, weeks, and even months following the funeral can be the hardest for many people. We remain accessible long after the funeral, and are here to offer whatever support you may need. If required, we are able to recommend grief counsellors and support groups, or you can choose from our library, a wide and varied selection of books and brochures, to help you in the direction you may choose in recovering from your loss.

Pre-paid Funerals

Pre-paid funerals allow you to have control over the way your funeral takes place, helping your family at the time of need. It is planned in advance, and is paid for at today’s prices. The price of the planned service remains fixed, regardless of the length of time since the investment was originally made.

This may be done in two ways:

  • The funeral service can be paid for in a lump sum payment.
  • It can be paid for in instalments over a three year period.

Even when paying by instalments, the cost of the funeral is fixed at the time the contract is taken out. Pre-paid funeral contracts within our care are invested through a choice of reputable, long established Friendly Societies.

Pre-plan without pre-paying?

Although there are advantages to pre-paying your arrangements at the current rate, pre-paying is not necessarily required. Our Personal Profile Record, which can be filled out at the time of pre-paying or pre-arranging, is a record of personal and family details which are required at the time of death. We suggest that you fill this document out and it be kept in a place known to at least two members of your family, or friends. Although this is not a legal document, it will provide vital information to help the family meet requirements and fulfil your wishes.

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“Never have I seen such compassion as you showed on the day, and I will never forget it.”

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